It is that time of the year, and love is in the air. While Valentine’s Day is still a few days away.The Promise day can be an optimal portion of all Valentine’s,on this day, every pair will create promises to each other and expect to continue to keep promises to be together living to get an everyday life.You will always remember the promises you made to those who mean something to you, and you will keep them, as will they. Promises are a vital part of any relationship.
Here are some Promise Day images, quotes and wishes to celebrate the day.

Promise Day Quotes

As long as the sun is there, I promise to love you forever. Happy promise day!

As long as the sun is shining brightly in the sky, the stars are twinkling in the night, I promise to be only yours forever. Happy Promise Day!

I am speaking without ego and love without any intention. I care for you without expecting anything back in return. Today, I promise you that I will never leave you no matter what happens. Happy promise day!

On this Promise Day, I am promising you that I shall never leave your hand. Happy promise day!

No matter, how hard our life gets, let us promise to each other that we will never betray each other or leave each other.

In times of your sorrows and miseries, I shall always be there by your side holding your hand and I will never leave you alone. Happy promise day!

Promises are meant to be kept forever and it is also the foundation of a successful relationship.

Today, on this special occasion of promise day, I promise to protect you from all the dangers of this world and I will do anything that will keep you happy.

If our life becomes the candle then I promise that I am going to put my hands around it so that I am able to protect you from the burns and instead get burnt myself and light up your world. Happy Promise Day, honey!

I promise to give you all the love and happiness that you truly deserve in this world.

I promise to make our bond even stronger and take good care of you.

Promises are always meant to be kept and I promise to keep you happy and safe forever. Happy promise day!

A promise is the main foundation of a relationship. When promise your love and mean it then you will surely lead a successful relationship.

When two heartbeat together, it is known as true love. Today, I promise you that I shall be your true love forever. Happy promise day, my love!

We have had a lot of ups and downs in our relationship but we have also promised each other that we will never leave each other, no matter what happens.

Promise day is one of the most important days of our life and we must take it seriously to strengthen the foundation of our relationship.

No matter what comes in our way, we shall stand beside each other forever.

As long as the stars are twinkling brightly up in the sky, I promise to love you forever. Happy promise day to you!

No love story was ever so romantic and passionate. No promise was ever so effective. You and I are going to make history! Happy promise day!

I’m so in love with you that loving you has become the meaning of my life. Everything else is just an illusion. Happy promise day 2023!

I promise that I will never leave you no matter what. Happy Promise Day, sweetheart!

Just promise me you’ll think of me every time you look up in the sky and see a star.

A promise means everything but once it is broken, sorry means nothing.

I promise to trust you and follow you in every step. I promise to hold you in my heart and support you always. I promise to love you and take care of you always.

If all you can promise me is today, I’ll take it and hope for tomorrow.

Some things you don’t have to promise. You just do.

Don’t promise me forever, just love me day by day.

Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep.

Promise Day Wishes

I promise that I will always have your back! Happy Promise Day, my love!

You are the most beautiful person, I have ever seen in my life!

Your love is the key pillar of my strength! Happy Promise Day, my love!

Wherever you go, true love always follows you! Happy Promise Day!

I promise to always make you happy! Happy Promise Day, love!

Making promises is crucial, and holding onto them is even more crucial! Happy Promise Day!

I can’t promise you the luxury, but I can promise you all the love and happiness! Happy Promise Day to the Love of My Life!

I promise, I will be with you until my last breath. Happy Promise Day!

My love for you is pure and undoubted, and I promise it will always be this way!

Despite all our fights and misunderstandings, nothing in this world can separate us! Happy Promise Day!!!

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